Specification Document

We list below the eventual refinements made to the BIKE specification document.

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  • Tables 4-11 were erroneously reporting larger private key, public key and message sizes for some security levels, which have been calculated considering slightly larger values of r than the ones suggested in Table 3. All of the typos have been corrected, and Tables 4-11 currently report accurate (i.e., smaller) sizes.
Spec v2.1
  • The BIKE Team has made refinements on the security proof of the BIKE variants in order to clarify questions raised in the NIST mail list. We stress that these changes do not impact on the practical security of the scheme, the parameters, nor the algorithmic specification of our schemes.
Spec v2.0
  • As submitted to the NIST standardization process.
Spec v1.0


The BIKE team can be contacted through the following email: rafael.misoczki@intel.com.

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